Rest in peace, beloved Francis

It is with the saddest heart I have learned Francis passed away this morning at 1:00am.  We’ll be adding images and perhaps some audio tracks in the coming days and weeks.

Join us in daily personal remembrances of this great guy.  ~  Love, Alma.

Francis discovered in August 2016 he had AML, which is a blood cancer.  His brother Jimmy donated bone marrow.  It looked like Francis was improving.  At least it sounded that way, but you know the way Francis sounds.  Always positive.  But in time Francis regressed.  He passed away just last week.  I’m very sad and heartbroken.  It seems like he is still in the room with me. – Alma 12/04/2017

4 thoughts on “Rest in peace, beloved Francis

  1. Dear Friends,
    So many kind, wild and zany things to remember always about Francis – first met him over 30 years ago!
    Prayers and thoughts to all at this time, especially his beloved Victor, friend and devoted co-worker, Alma, family and all who ent to his salon


  2. Francis was a touchstone, an old soul and yet spirited, witty, so very smart, caring, compassionate, passionate…and he loved with all his heart. He was my neighbor, my hairdresser, and my dear friend. I cannot imagine a world without him. My heart hurts. Meg xo


  3. Just learned today of Francis’ death when I called in. I’ve known Francis since the early 1980s when he was at Talent. Francis was unique – a wonderful stylist, but a beautiful person, witty, charming, always upbeat and loving. My sympathies to his family and friends. Barbara from the ‘burbs.


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