Wow! Oh! Wow!!!  Where has the time gone!  Since March?  Could not even begin to tell you.  But starting with last night, which is about as far back as I can clearly remember . . . It was a cool evening.  We got the blanket out and enjoyed an autumn feeling. And this morning?

Magic!  Dawn reminded me of waking up in Yellowstone on a camping trip a few Septembers ago.  Crisp, clear, low humidity.  And the air was so clean!  Did we have a storm blow the area clear? Yes, it must have been the thunder showers we’ve enjoyed for the past few days.

Coming into work today . . . Wait, did I say work?  Not even close.  Coming into my life away from home, I am still with family.  The family who comes to my salon and shares their lives with me.  Their trust and love and ideas and joys.  Yes, sometimes sorrows.  We remember Francis, share family photos, recipes, and secrets.  So work, no, it is not work.

Before salon-time, I had a chance to walk through the farmers market on Walnut at Rittenhouse Square.  Got some beautiful peaches.  And apples are coming in August.  Can’t wait!  Here’s the didgeridoo player making his tips.

The day is as perfect as it could be.  A steady flow of friends.  Sven, a new customer in town for business.  The sunshine and breezes will not quit!


Mmmmmm – Blueberry muffins!

Mmmmmmmm  Tea and blueberry muffins.  With all the flu strains still circulating, it is good to nurture my body and mind with these age-old treats.  Seriously, I’ve been feeling like Magoo but it is almost clear.

Last Sunday the bug hit me so bad I stayed in bed.  But I could follow every play the Eagles made from listening to the neighbors.  Then when they won, the streets were jam-packed with people and cars and everything.

What an accomplishment!  But I feel like that every day, coming into work.  Being with all my friends and customers, it is like winning the Super Bowl every day.  ❤

Icy winds, happy trims . . .   Wow, this weather is something!  It was 60˚F at sunset yesterday and right now the wind chill is approaching single digits.  Pretty remarkable, the temperature dropping 60˚ in a day and a half.

But winter means being ready.  Ready for construction traffic, ready for wet cold commutes, and ready for brilliant sunshine, zero-percent humidity, and crisp beautiful weather.  Today, spying the forecast, I pulled on my flannel-lined Lands End jeans, two tee shirts, and my favorite thick wool sweater.  With boots, double-sided scarf, long coat, and gloves, my walk from the train to the salon was absolutely glorious.

There was ice on the Schuylkill the other day but it went away when the temperatures gave us a taste of springtime.  Chestnut Street is blocked at 20th;  a giant crane is lifting HVAC equipment atop 1930 Chestnut.  The ‘farmers market’ is in full swing along Walnut at Rittenhouse Square.  Fred has brought in, what else, apples!  Yummmmmmm

I’m so thankful to have a beautiful salon and beautiful kind customers who like to come in to receive the kind of work I like to do.  I’m blessed and lucky to have this opportunity to provide for my family, and I thank every one of you.  

Fran-Tastic Holiday Memories

To the guitar of Chuck Berry and his sincere plaintive voice delivering Run Rudolph Run,  Christmas in the air, and constant chatter of gift-giving, we float through the day in seasonal bliss.  Tousled hair being straightened,  straight hair becoming tousled, another near buzz-cut for a few.

People are smiling a little more along the sidewalks but are still in a hurry.  Me, I seem to always be in a hurry sometimes and manage to slow down others.  But it is always easy to smile with such nice people around me.

I’m not sure exactly how the season makes me feel, which is not a bad thing.  So many memories compete with fresh experiences … It’s good.  Warm fuzzy friends, love, special jokes, a familiar laugh, it all makes life a great experience.