~ Hello everyone ~

Philadelphia’s mayor has pushed back re-opening dates for hair salons.  We are assuming that we will not be permitted to open until late June or early July.

When we do return, we will be following strict CDC guidelines.  Your continued patience and kindness will be necessary and appreciated as we configure these new guidelines and procedures within your styling experience.

Rest assured I’m taking steps to ensure we are up to date on safety measures and precautions. We will be sanitizing all stations, tools and products after every guest.   A healthy, happy, and compassionate experience in (and behind) the chair awaits us both!

Love and miss you!! 💈

Covid Protocols for all of us to follow:

– All clients must wear a mask at all times. 

– Services are by appointment only. Please call the salon upon arrival.

– Clients must come alone.  No children or pets.  Sorry, no exceptions.

– As you come inside you will have your temperature checked and you will be asked to sanitize your hands.

-Due to operating at 50% capacity and the cost of PPE/ Sanitizing protocols our prices have slightly increased. 

Please arrive at your appointment on time. We understand that parking in the city can be a hustle so please do set aside time to find parking. In the event that you arrive late, we will do our best to service you in the remaining time that was allocated to your appointment. If you are over 10 minutes late you will be asked to reschedule.

Most important:  Reschedule your appointment if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick.

~Thank You again for your patience and understanding~

Christmas Love

Once a year our family repeats a favorite ritual.  All of the school stuff usually heaped on the kitchen table gets put somewhere else.  We lay out dishes of candy and some healthy stuff, cue up a few favorite holiday CDs in the disc changer, and start writing.

People I might not connect with but once or twice a year, or less.  Some people I see several times a month.  For the kids, friends they see every day.  We write holiday cards and include notes of love and thanks and a safe New Year.  We thank our friends for being our friends.  Simple messages.  Sometimes the simple things are easy to forget as life gets so busy.

When we take the time to think and remember, pen poised, card expectantly awaiting our witty prose, the truth comes out.  How important in our lives the presence of all of our friends and relatives can be.  Our relationships with those around us are the glue which form our whole world.

So taking a nibble at a Kit-Kat or carrot slice, we smile and remember and share stories of what Aunt Annie did at the Memorial Day party.  Or something a cousin gave us last year, and how we use it every day – a welcome mat, actually.  I thought it was goofy at the time, a big Garfield making a face. 🙂

And we smile and write from the heart.  Sometimes we’ve cut back on the cards and other times we’ve written all night.  It is never a chore, but something we savor.  When the time is right.  Right now, with some jazzy piano / sax Christmas renditions …. OK, they are waiting.  Back to the cards 🙂 Love ya

Autumn Apples

Hi everybody !!! 🙂  With autumn firmly entrenched and temperatures even winter-like, we slide towards Christmas with smiles and love.  But wait, not so fast.  First Thanksgiving.  I will be closed this coming Thursday, despite several appointments.  Ha-ha, you know who you are,  scheduling a trim and shave on a holiday.

So like squirrels in Rittenhouse Square, we prepare for winter, with a quick detour for hummus and cranberry and turkey and roast mutton.  Peace and love in this season to all my friends!  ❤

Hi, all!

We are rocking and a-rolling through a glorious summer. I’m here with my new best friend, Alex , the Mediterranean God of Chestnut Street, I am going to be leaving for a little while.

But it is not “leaving”, like I am not coming back. It is visiting family and friends next to the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.  Beach time in the Mediterranean with family and friends for about a month.  Hello Greece!  I’m b-aaa-aaack!!!

❤ Happy summer ❤ I’ll be gone July 28 through August 20th.

Alex is running the Salon in my absence.  He will set any hours you desire. ❤ ❤ ❤

Autumn is only ten days away. I wonder where the summer went.  Nicole made me lovely new business cards.  I worked a lot.  We went away for some weekends.  Washington D.C.  I loved it!  The food .. family .. more food.  🙂  Hershey Park – the kids liked it as much as me.  My favorite ride was the scariest one there – it was yellow and it was four seats per row and it went really high and really fast.  What else . . . Wildwood NJ.  More rides, cookouts, but zero beach time.  No sand and castle buckets and horse flies and sunburn.

I’m eating less take-out and working out every day for half an hour.  Six times a week seems to be happening.  My pores open up.  And I’m not eating more fruits and vegetables, but I am eating less of the delicious sandwiches from Prima Hoagies next door.

So that’s it for now.  ~~~~

Wow! Oh! Wow!!!  Where has the time gone!  Since March?  Could not even begin to tell you.  But starting with last night, which is about as far back as I can clearly remember . . . It was a cool evening.  We got the blanket out and enjoyed an autumn feeling. And this morning?

Magic!  Dawn reminded me of waking up in Yellowstone on a camping trip a few Septembers ago.  Crisp, clear, low humidity.  And the air was so clean!  Did we have a storm blow the area clear? Yes, it must have been the thunder showers we’ve enjoyed for the past few days.

Coming into work today . . . Wait, did I say work?  Not even close.  Coming into my life away from home, I am still with family.  The family who comes to my salon and shares their lives with me.  Their trust and love and ideas and joys.  Yes, sometimes sorrows.  We remember Francis, share family photos, recipes, and secrets.  So work, no, it is not work.

Before salon-time, I had a chance to walk through the farmers market on Walnut at Rittenhouse Square.  Got some beautiful peaches.  And apples are coming in August.  Can’t wait!  Here’s the didgeridoo player making his tips.

The day is as perfect as it could be.  A steady flow of friends.  Sven, a new customer in town for business.  The sunshine and breezes will not quit!