You may have heard the announcement for the second wave of shutdowns. Thankfully, salons are remaining open this time around. We are here to reassure our clients that we will continue to provide a safe, clean, and socially distanced experience. Thank you for your patronage and trust in us. Our Covid protocols can be found at the bottom our Homepage. We look forward to seeing you; stay happy and healthy!

Rest in peace, beloved Francis

It is with the saddest heart I have learned Francis passed away this morning at 1:00am.  We’ll be adding images and perhaps some audio tracks in the coming days and weeks.

Join us in daily personal remembrances of this great guy.  ~  Love, Alma.

Francis discovered in August 2016 he had AML, which is a blood cancer.  His brother Jimmy donated bone marrow.  It looked like Francis was improving.  At least it sounded that way, but you know the way Francis sounds.  Always positive.  But in time Francis regressed.  He passed away just last week.  I’m very sad and heartbroken.  It seems like he is still in the room with me. – Alma 12/04/2017

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