“Work is never work”  Stopping in for a little webmaster business, Alma does not let me go without a huge freshly made salad from her garden. She even grilled chicken in her tiny galley kitchen. I might have to head over to Jos. Bank for larger trousers. So I come away with a happy web customer,  full belly, trim hair, and shaven neck.  Can I move in?  – jim

New season. New chairs.

So much has happened over the last few weeks. While spring is one of my favorite seasons, autumn in Philadelphia is beautiful. The trees, the flowers.  I love the smell of it all.  And are people happier? Maybe. WHAT ? Yes, there I said it. People are happier in the new season.  Just like when they get their hair done.

It is so much fun watching and listening to the reactions of my customers. Off with the old, and they have a brand new look and attitude.

What is new here?  NEW chairs. The finest from Keller International. Voilà !!!