Icy winds, happy trims . . .   Wow, this weather is something!  It was 60˚F at sunset yesterday and right now the wind chill is approaching single digits.  Pretty remarkable, the temperature dropping 60˚ in a day and a half.

But winter means being ready.  Ready for construction traffic, ready for wet cold commutes, and ready for brilliant sunshine, zero-percent humidity, and crisp beautiful weather.  Today, spying the forecast, I pulled on my flannel-lined Lands End jeans, two tee shirts, and my favorite thick wool sweater.  With boots, double-sided scarf, long coat, and gloves, my walk from the train to the salon was absolutely glorious.

There was ice on the Schuylkill the other day but it went away when the temperatures gave us a taste of springtime.  Chestnut Street is blocked at 20th;  a giant crane is lifting HVAC equipment atop 1930 Chestnut.  The ‘farmers market’ is in full swing along Walnut at Rittenhouse Square.  Fred has brought in, what else, apples!  Yummmmmmm

I’m so thankful to have a beautiful salon and beautiful kind customers who like to come in to receive the kind of work I like to do.  I’m blessed and lucky to have this opportunity to provide for my family, and I thank every one of you.  

Columbus Day

My home away from home is a happy place even on a rainy Monday.  With my personal webmaster in Da’ Houz, cleaning up an exploded honey container in my handbag was so much easier.  Maybe I’ll hire him to do shampoos  : – )  Then my old friend Panos called from Greece.  It was so nice to catch up.  Family and friends make my world go ’round.

We’ll update the website, stack product on the shelves, and Jim will do something to my email to make messages I never read so into certain mailboxes.  In case I want to read them.  Someday . . . 

This morning leaving for work the garden looked especially … comfortably healthy?  Resigned to a rest, off with the old,  its soul slumbering beneath the soil for a few months.  “No big deal”, they tell me, “We do it every year.  And sure enough, you do see us in the spring, don’t you?”.  But to you, please do not wait until the spring.  Your new style may just change your life.  Off with the old  ~

An area cat has found shelter on our porch out of the blowing drizzle.  I’m not sure to whom he belongs, or who he has perhaps adopted … 

So it is now time to work.  Thanks for joining me.  It’s great to catch up …  ~ A.