Christmas Love

Once a year our family repeats a favorite ritual.  All of the school stuff usually heaped on the kitchen table gets put somewhere else.  We lay out dishes of candy and some healthy stuff, cue up a few favorite holiday CDs in the disc changer, and start writing.

People I might not connect with but once or twice a year, or less.  Some people I see several times a month.  For the kids, friends they see every day.  We write holiday cards and include notes of love and thanks and a safe New Year.  We thank our friends for being our friends.  Simple messages.  Sometimes the simple things are easy to forget as life gets so busy.

When we take the time to think and remember, pen poised, card expectantly awaiting our witty prose, the truth comes out.  How important in our lives the presence of all of our friends and relatives can be.  Our relationships with those around us are the glue which form our whole world.

So taking a nibble at a Kit-Kat or carrot slice, we smile and remember and share stories of what Aunt Annie did at the Memorial Day party.  Or something a cousin gave us last year, and how we use it every day – a welcome mat, actually.  I thought it was goofy at the time, a big Garfield making a face. 🙂

And we smile and write from the heart.  Sometimes we’ve cut back on the cards and other times we’ve written all night.  It is never a chore, but something we savor.  When the time is right.  Right now, with some jazzy piano / sax Christmas renditions …. OK, they are waiting.  Back to the cards 🙂 Love ya

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