2011 AlmaWow, is it cold.  I mean, like, really Really REALLY cold.  With winter winds upon us, it feels more like Christmas every day.  It even smells like Christmas.

Last week when we got snowed in, I stayed closed – but so far, no one has complained –  good or bad?   🙂  and I stayed home with my adorable husband and children and we made sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles on them.  We could not find all the tin cookie stamps, but we made some stars and some snowmen and some moons. Yummy yummie yummy!!!  Oh, the tree stamp is in the Play-Doh box  🙂

Then the next day I brought a big tin of cookies to the salon.  We put cinnamon sticks and apple slices into a pan of simmering water.  Mmmmmmmm the smell!  We ate sugar cookies and drank hot chocolate with the smells of the holidays.  What a delicious experience!

In the end, Christmas is all about family and friends.  Happiness and love and forgiveness and compassion.

Have a blessed holiday, everyone.  I love you.  – Alma

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